How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space

Updated: Jun 30

Amidst the recent push towards remote work, we're giving you our best tips for creating a home office environment that suits your needs and that you'll actually enjoy working in. Keep reading to learn how to elevate any space to a suitable home office.

1. Let There Be Light

In order to create a home office space you love, it's probably a good idea to go against replicating all the things you hate about a typical office. Setting up shop in the darkest space of your home, or positioning your desk in the corner of a room would likely remind you of that old, cramped cubicle you used to know. Avoid bringing back that feeling by placing your desk near a window. It doesn't have to be right in front of it - unless you enjoy a constant view - but, being parallel to one will surely improve your outlook on a home office, as research has shown that a workspace with ample natural light is known to make people feel happier, calmer, and more productive!

2. Consider Comfort

If there's anything you'll want to splurge on, it's an office chair. Whether you'll be working fully remote or are setting up a home office for part time needs, you're likely going to be spending a lot of time sitting in this space. Choose a chair (and desk!) that is ergonomically suitable for you and the type of work you do. Bonus points if you also love the way it looks!

3. Get Innovative with Storage

You may not want to purchase clunky filing cabinets for organization, and we don't blame you! But, depending on your home office space, you might have to get a little innovative. If you've chosen to use a guest room as an office, you could repurpose the closet to a storage area by adding some additional shelving or storing some cabinets in there. Or, if you'd like the show off your organization style, you could add floating wall shelves or a nice bookcase and balance storage with decor. Either way, you'll want to make sure your space is well-organized, functional, and free of clutter.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

It can be easy to get distracted when you're working from home. Plan ahead to minimize common distractions like not setting up your office near a TV (or keeping it turned off), putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, or blocking social media sites during work hours. However, taking breaks is very important and even an asset to productivity. Try scheduling breaks that work with you and your work load, in order to find the balance between over-working and under-performing.

5. Make It Yours

The key to having the perfect home office, is creating a space you feel inspired in. If your home office doesn't motivate you to create or accomplish your goals, you may need to add some things that are life-giving to you. Whether you choose to adorn the walls with beautiful artwork, place cherished family photos on your desk, or even add live plants or fresh flowers, bringing in elements of decor that are aesthetically pleasing and inspiring are known to help increase creativity and happiness!

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